Better diabetes management in 7 steps with Yoga

What if there was an easy way to feel better, have extra confidence and be more relaxed about managing your diabetes?

Yay! You’re in

I am so excited you are joining me for this challenge.

During the challenge, I’ll be sharing  7 simple and effective yoga techniques that will support you in improving the management of your diabetes and also improve your relationship to your diabetes.

Having the full range of yogic practices at your finger tips means you can do them anywhere anytime.

Each practice takes no more than 3 minutes and for most you won’t even need a yoga mat. Your body is the perfect tool to transform your life!

And because I simply can’t wait for you to enjoy the many benefits that yoga has to offer, get started right away with this simple heart balancing meditation which is designed specifically to balance the air and space elements in your system. Perfect for the lead up to fall or spring.

See You September 1

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