Are you keen to start yoga but not sure what would suit you?

Have you been to a class and felt the teacher doesn’t really “get” your specific needs in relation to your health management?

Are you someone who needs accountability and routine to get motivated?

Want to learn some great breathing practices and meditations that will help you in dealing with the added stress of living with Diabetes?

I’m here to help!

I’d love to help you, through an online one on one session, create a yoga sequence that fits into your daily diabetes management plan. No person is the same and neither is your diabetes.

Here’s what I can offer:

In our first session via Skype or Google hangout ( 1-1.5 hrs)  we will have an in-depth consultation where I go through two different types of questionnaires with you to;

1. Assess your individual constitution according to Ayurveda

2. Look at your personal relationship to your overall diabetes management and exercise

After assessing your constitution and your needs physically, mentally and emotionally I will devise a routine for you

In our 2nd session: 1-1.5 hrs

We will go through the routine together in a via Google hangout which will then be available to you as a recording on Youtube.

In our 3rd session

We will have a chat about how your personal practice has been going, what needs changing or tweaking and go through those changes together and again the sequence will be recorded via google hangout and sent to you.

After our 3rd session, we can decide whether to keep working together or whether you are happy to continue on your own and find a local teacher in your area.

This offer is available starting now and is limited to 5 people. The goal is for us to work together for you to get motivated, inspired and to practice regularly.

The cost for 3 sessions is $208 US

contact me to find out more

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