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Practical Media Strategy
for Yoga Teachers and Fempreneurs with 
Rachel Zinman

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Starting out as a new teacher or fempreneur is tough there is a ton of competition out there and having the media under your belt is a must.

Are You?

  • Raring to go and excited to teach but freaked at the thought of branding?
  •  Keen to start blogging and build your social media stats? 
  • Thinking of crowdfunding to kickstart your business? 
  •  Wanting promotion to be exciting, fun and creative?
  • Tired of a cookie-cutter approach to marketing?

As an experienced yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer of over 34 years, author, award winning musician, and successful crowdfunder, I can show you how easy and inexpensive it is to promote yourself in fun, inspiring and creative ways. Never one to fit in to a cookie-cutter mould and tired of traditional marketing strategies. I’ve always used spontaneity, creativity and heart to get my message out.


How to find the best social media platform for your unique message

How to manipulate the platform to inspire your followers

How to confidently reach out to peers, collaborate and add value

How to grow your mailing list

The why and how of blogging to share your message

Tips and tricks to run a succesful crowdfunding campaign

My goto graphic design site for all your media flyers

The dope on Facebook live and FB groups

I Want IN

Rachel first attended one of my marketing courses back in 2012 and I was immediately struck by her energy and enthusiasm to business, marketing and life in general!
Using the internet as a platform to grow your community, share your yoga teachings and connect with people through a screen is important if you want your reach
to be wide and your impact to be enduring. Rachel’s continuing evolution in business and marketing is a joy to see.
Brook McCarthy
digital marketing trainer and business coach, Hustle & Heart.
“Rachel was an invaluable part of our crowdfunding campaign. Her experience, knowledge, and clarity gave us the tools and confidence to make our campaign successful. She was dedicated to the project and worked with us until the very end to make sure we were successful.
I would highly recommend her for any crowdfunding and partnership projects.”
Nuria Reed
yoga teacher and cofounder of ekka recovery
“I met Rachel on a marketing for yoga teachers course years ago, and it’s been such a joy to see her share her message so authentically and passionately online. If you’re a yoga teacher and looking to learn more about practical media strategy, Rachel’s your woman.
Do reach out and learn from one of the best”
Dr. Lauren Tober
psychologist & yoga teacher at Mind Body Wellness

“Rachel is a master of social media . She is a brilliant blogger and writer and a fantastic teacher. I have known her for 30 years on a professional and personal level and she has help me immensely to get my message out online. I can highly recommend her services to you.”
Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 1.44.56 PM
Simon Borg-Olivier
yoga teacher trainer, yoga synergy

I Want IN

I Want IN

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