Better Diabetes management in 7 steps with Yoga

What if there was an easy way to feel better, have extra confidence and be more relaxed about managing your diabetes?

Join the challenge!

There’s no better time to learn yoga

Diabetes takes up so much time.

From checking blood sugars, to counting carbs, to making sure you’re prepared 24/7 to meet any emergency.

How often are you stressed or burnt out?

Yoga absolutely helped me and I’m convinced it can help you too

In my free 7-day challenge you’ll learn:

Simple techniques to reduce stress in minutes

How ayurveda and yoga work together to increase wellbeing

Yoga poses that are easy to implement and make you feel great

Simple hand gestures to balance your emotions

Ancient practices that increase your focus

Motivation to step onto your mat and start your day with yoga

With yoga as the foundation

We can use our bodies, minds and breath to free ourselves of the limitations we feel as we manage this disease. My 7 steps can show you how. These are things I do every day to help me manage my diabetes so I know they work!


Here’s why I love these 7 steps (MY WHY!)

When I first started yoga at 17 I thought it was all about getting fit, but then as I got older I discovered that yoga was so much more than that. When I was diagnosed in 2008 with LADA, Latent Auto Immune Diabetes in Adults, I wondered if all the things I had learned as a yoga teacher and practitioner had been a waste. Why hadn’t yoga cured me? It took me 6 years and a ton of soul searching to discover I’d been looking at things from the wrong perspective.

Yoga hadn’t failed me it had saved me. It was because of the various daily practices that I’ll be sharing in this challenge that I am able to preserve some of my beta cell function, keep being sensitive to the insulin I am producing and injecting, sleep well, have a ton of energy and most importantly, the courage and strength to stay positive and creative no matter what diabetes throws at me.

Want to know more?

Here are some of the benefits of a lasting yoga practice
Reduced stress
Insulin sensitivity
Improved sleep
Increased happiness
Better concentration
Good circulation
Weight loss

WhAT’s Included

Video Tutorials

You’ll receive an email over the next 7 days with short video tutorials (3-5 minutes) which you’ll be able to implement straight away

Free Chapter

The first chapter of my new book on Yoga for Diabetes, How to Manage your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda


Find the right practice for you with an Ayurvedic questionnaire

Express Creativity

Download a beautiful yantra (mandala or shape) to work with to develop concentration and mindfulness and release stress.

Private FB Group

Access to our private Facebook group to share how the challenge is impacting and supporting you in your daily diabetes management.

Join me! we launch on September 1

Let’s Do Yoga

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