It takes motivation to step on my mat every morning and do my practice. Often, it’s thinking about how I’ll feel afterwards that entices me. Then on the mat, it’s the sequence of postures and practices that keep me engaged. There are things I find challenging in my practice and things I avoid, but in general it’s how I feel during and after that keeps me coming back.

Motivation for my diabetes management is a whole other kettle of fish. There are many times during the day that I’d prefer to forget about diabetes. I get frustrated, feeling like all the effort I put in is futile. Especially how after a week of really good numbers, I’m back in the ditch trying to shovel my way out. Diabetes being…diabetes.

It’s in the midst of the difficult times with diabetes that I use my experience with yoga to help me stay motivated. Like sticking to simple daily practices in my diabetes management routine. Things I do no matter what.

For instance:

  • Getting up at 5 am so I can prepare my breakfast before taking my basal shot
  • Practicing yoga before eating, knowing that my blood sugar is more likely to stay level
  • Pre-bolusing while I am finishing my practice so I’m in range when I start my breakfast
  • Checking my blood sugar at 11 am and having a snack, knowing that’s my prime hypo time
  • Waiting an hour after lunch to do the dishes to flatten out a blood sugar spike
  • Walking most days around 5 pm, just after my bolus wears off knowing my basal dose is also tapering off (I split my basal dose)
  • Checking in with my blood sugars around 7 pm knowing that’s when I tend to drop lower
  • Having extra high fat food onboard (like avocado or nuts) as I head into the night to keep my blood sugars more stable while I sleep

Making a commitment to myself to implement these practices keeps me on track when I get challenged and frustrated. Daily practices also give me the stability to be able to handle the unexpected pressures of everyday life beyond diabetes. If I implement even one or two of these routines in a day it makes a difference to my overall management.

So, on the days where I think, I can’t do diabetes, don’t make me diabetes I remember, even the smallest of practices is enough.

With great respect…


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