There is only one seamless reality. That awareness flowing in and through every animate and inanimate object. Self is not available through any of the senses, yet it is throughout all of the senses. Call it the knowing principle – awareness- consciousness, we human beings personalize it as “my” awareness. Yet logic dictates that what is common to all cannot be personal.

What else is common to all? Ignorance.

We do not know who we are. We do not know that we are nothing but awareness. We think we are a body, a mind, a thought, an idea and an ideology. And we fight for our ideas. We fight for our particular flavor of ignorance.

The latest decision in the US to strike down a woman’s right to choose is hopefully the last straw. The event that pushes us over the edge in a good way. The domination of one belief system over another, one ideology over another is just another nail in the coffin of delusion.

When did anyone have a say over anyone else? In history we know that the repression and domination of one human over another is a fact. So, the question I ask today is; If ignorance is the fundamental problem and ignorance continues unabated where does the solution lie?

Yes, I can vote in a kinder saner government. I can move to a state that protects my freedoms. I can send money to charities and organizations, I can do everything I can on a relative level to make this world a better place for my children and grandchildren. But what is the deepest and most profound action I can take?

I can wake up!

I can undertake the greatest purpose of human existence which is to know who I am. I can know mySelf. I can know Self as that constant ever present awareness flowing in and through everything. Unaffected by the slings and arrows.

Knowing this brings the deepest comfort. The greatest peace. If we would all be willing to even begin to ask this question. To remove the darkness of ignorance then there is hope for this very dark time we find ourselves in.

With great respect…


1 Comment on “Flavours of Ignorance

  1. I am appalled at that decision. Nothing more to say. I remind my fellow Americans that it took nearly 60 years to overturn Plessy vs Ferguson. It took the civil war and the 14th and 15th amendments to overturn the Dred Scott decision.

    This will take 60 years but last Friday the die was cast, and this decision will also be overturned. Yes, I will not be here when it is, but trust me it will be done.


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