Diayogi Dialogue with Karen Rose Tank

Wow! We are up to Episode 9 which was supposed to be the last vlog in the series but instead, I have two more bonus episodes with yoginis Karo Sharma and Synne Roisland. The summit will occupy the blog until October 31. After that I’ll head into a new flavour for November’s Diabetes Awareness Month.

Karen Rose Tank, our next diayogi is an absolute force of nature. Loved by so many for her enthusiasm for all things health and wellbeing our interview crosses a range of topics from yoga to nutrition. If you are someone who is sitting on the fence about trying yoga because of a physical limitation Karen’s words will revolutionise the way you see yourself and your practice. Her yoga snack is accessible and so much fun and full of healthy benefits. Take it away Karen!


Karen Rose Tank, MS, CHC is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health & Diabetes Coach with Rose Health Coaching based in Princeton, NJ. She specializes in working with people with diabetes, obesity and other chronic conditions informed by her own 22 years of experience with type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, Menopause and weight challenges.

Karen is passionate about yoga for physical as well as mental benefits and has completed several yoga teacher trainings including 200 hours in Yoga and Wellness and 180 hours in Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training. Along with her low carb eating approach, Karen is a fan of exercise, walking, biking, skipping, weight training, yoga, meditation and just plain breathing as a way to manage weight, blood sugars and stress.

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