The tree is up and it’s all systems go for the first Christmas with my family in 13 years. We’ve shopped till we dropped, the presents are wrapped and my brothers arrive later today. The plan is to celebrate with a meal out on Christmas Eve and on the actual day we’ll have brunch. I’ve been pouring over recipes to find a low carb brunch option to share. So far its a toss up between spinach egg muffins and cinnamon roll coffee cake but to be honest I don’t actually feel like making either.


Because no matter what I eat or inject right now my blood sugar just ain’t behaving. I’ve been upping my basal, experimenting with intermittent fasting, lowering my carb intake, going for long walks, doing my twice daily yoga, sleeping 8 + hours a night, practicing gratitude, meditating and staying positive, positive, positive…but yep, nope… not working for me.

As I have been honeymooning for the last 9 years and only injecting basal insulin I’ve been managing to keep my levels in range with a low carb diet, yoga and a strong and energetic breathing practice. But recently after a sinus cold, my levels have been unmanageable so I think it’s time for me to take the plunge and try some fast-acting Insulin.

I’m terrified…but I’ve been terrified before. I freaked out about taking insulin in the first place and then later panicked when I had to split the dose. And I’ve written several times about the lows that took me by surprise.

I’m going to start with 1/2 unit corrections with Apidra and report back how it goes.

It’s all perfect…a new start to the year, a new approach to my diabetes management and more to share on the blog.

Here’s wishing all of you a beautiful Holiday Season and a safe and Happy New Year…

With great respect…


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4 Comments on “Doing it anyway

  1. Ahh, I am sorry the BETA cells have started to jump ship even more than usual. Mine did a mutiny and jumped ship all at once. I cannot image how scary it is to see them going overboard in slow motion. I wish you good fortunate with the Apidra.


    • Thanks Rick, still waiting on some 1/2 unit syringes…going to go through all my notes before i try..


  2. Hope the rapid acting is kind to you. I’d suggest making a note of your corrections, or using the bolus calculator on your FreeStyle Libre to keep track of your insulin on board. And you might need to up your basal dose if your BGs aren’t holding steady overnight.

    Hope you have a great Christmas with your family and a bit of a break as well.


    • Hi Frank thanks so much. yeah I upped my basal already…and will check out the bolus calculator…meanwhile wishing you a super duper christmas… can’t wait to read all your posts for 2018…


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