Today is the 2nd anniversary of and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share with you this simple intention setting practice for the new year.

Yoga for Diabetes

Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of another year and like everyone I am so excited to implement some new routines and try to let go of some challenging habits. I learned long ago that New Years Resolutions don’t really work.  In the short term they might motivate us back to an exercise program or encourage us to change our diet but ultimately we want to make a lasting change; one that can carry us past the initial excitement of trying something new.

I always start the year with a beautiful meditation to set my intention. An intention is different to a resolution. An intention gives you room to breathe. You might have the intention to check your blood sugar more often, be more vigilant with counting carbs or even work on your emotional relationship to your health. An intention says, “I’ll do my best” rather than “I must…

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2 Comments on “Set Your Intention

  1. My resolution is to bike 25 laps at the Indianapolis 500 track during Tour De Cure. My intention is to get to 15. Hey, it is only a 25-mile difference. My butt knows the difference.


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