Lately it’s become clear to me that to share my heart and passion it’s important for you, the reader, to know the person behind the words. Words can be finely crafted, expressing the things we often times don’t dare to say out loud, but they can also be the armour we put up to shield the very real vulnerability we feel.

When I found out that I had diabetes I was a mess. I was confused, angry and felt defeated. The creative, wise me went and hid in a cupboard and for a while I completely lost confidence. Reaching out and asking for support became a priority as well as getting real with myself. Admitting that I didn’t have all the answers was a biggie. I had always felt that people could rely on me because of my sincerity and natural approach to health and wellbeing. But first I had to learn to rely on myself. Exploring that has been a powerful step . I’ve also decided to “come out” and share why I’m so inspired to help others through the practices of Yoga. Check out my new Video below and join my new FB page Yoga for Diabetes

3 Comments on “Hear my story- why I’ve created this blog

  1. great stuff Rachel, and its definitely a brave step to do a v-log! Youpretty much sum up my thoughts there about finding the diabetes online community…

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