how I stay positive with Type 1 Diabetes

To some, it might seem like I have the perfect life. I teach yoga in exotic locations, have a stable, loving relationship, support my friends, keep in touch with my family and do my best to practice what I preach.

But life does have its challenges: I have late onset adult Type 1 diabetes. And that’s the kind that can’t be cured.

After years of blaming myself for my illness, I’ve learned to accept that it isn’t my fault.

One Comment on “I Have Type 1 Diabetes. Here’s How I’ve Learned To Stay Positive

  1. This comes at a moment when I needed to hear this. I went to a wedding this past weekend, my childhood fiend son was getting married.
    A few years ago I started to learn how to play guitar. I practice the morning of the wedding the song “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” Elvis Presley had popularized it. My friends son sings really well. I was looking forward to hearing him but he said he wasn’t going to sing – he didn’t have time to get a song together.
    I said we should do this song. But I was a bit shy to do it. I really wanted to. Next time an opportunity comes to share my music I will think of you and go for it. Thanks keep expressing yourself! It’s fun and beautiful.


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