It’s day 6 for Diabetes Blog Week and todays topic is to reflect on a previous blog and share something you feel proud of writing or expressing. For me it’s the following quote published recently on

People often ask me how do I face a disease which is incurable and full of restrictions. My answer is simple…

I approach it like I approach my Yoga practice. It takes determination, skill and strength to master a difficult pose and patience to sit and watch the breath and steady the mind in meditation. If I approached my practice with laziness, frustration or fear of failure I’d never master a complicated pose like handstand. But even when I’m in a pose and every things going perfectly I can’t control the outcome. There’s always that point where the perfect balance point tips to imbalance and I’ve fallen out of the pose.  Regardless of the ups and downs of daily practice I feel grateful for the opportunity to attempt to find mastery.

I still stand by this quote, in fact today I was having tea with a friend and she asked how I manage my diabetes so effortlessly and remarked that she could never do something like that. I shared that if it was a life or death situation she might feel differently. Not that having diabetes is any sort of death sentence. I went a long time without any symptoms at all and even when I did start to get symptoms was still complacent and ignored the warning signs.

Diabetes blog week Yoga for diabetes day 6

If there is a difference between the discipline of my daily yoga practice and the daily management of diabetes, it’s that I don’t worry if I can’t get into a yoga posture. With the daily ups and downs of diabetes it’s harder not to worry  There’s not that much room to move in the triage of Insulin, exercise and diet. I may have eaten, injected and exercised impeccably and still my body doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

I’ve had to start to trust more. Trust that my body is doing its best. Trust that there will be better days. And to know….

This too shall pass

With great respect…Rachel

2 Comments on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Love your blog! I used to have a much more regular yoga practice before Type 1 entered my sons life.. Its ok.. one day at a time. Really enjoyed your blog!


    • Thanks so much Pam, and yes it takes time to come back to practice. I’ll be posting little tips and thing here which won’t take up too much time so stay tuned. And thanks for visiting !


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