I have been reflecting on the axiom, “energy flows where attention goes.” Whatever we are identified with; be it our health, thoughts about our health, what we are doing right or wrong; that’s where the energy gets locked and held as stress in our bodies. Most of the time this is so unconscious that we don’t even realise it and we might question why we are so tired or feel burnout. Often it’s easy to blame the depletion on something external to us, especially with Type 1 Diabetes, a condition which requires strict vigilance. What we forget is that no matter what’s happening in the body and how hard we are working to deal with the associated stresses it’s our responsibility how we react to the ongoing ups and downs.  The beautiful thing about Yoga practice is that it has the ability to take the mind out of it’s habitual preoccupations with thoughts, fears and worries. This in turn brings tremendous energy and vitality. For a brief moment the need to react is lifted as the mind comes to a one pointed focus.

Rachel Zinman Yoga

Today I offer this simple listening meditation practice which you can do anywhere anytime to calm the thoughts and bring you back to your SELF

Simple Listening Practice for focusing the mind

If you would like to do this meditation, rather than having to remember it, you can record yourself leading it and then play it back

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Become aware of your breathing. Notice the feeling of the breath as it moves in and out of your nostrils. Become aware of the sound of your breath. Is it loud or soft or irregular? Don’t try and change it. Be with it as it is. Once you feel your mind settling become aware of the sounds all around you. Notice the sounds close by and the faraway sounds. Reach and stretch your awareness to the furthest sound. See if you can follow it. Does your mind get distracted? Don’t worry, bring it back to the closest sound and start again. Reaching and stretching your awareness to that far away sound once again. Now become aware of the silence. At first it appears as though the silence is in between the sounds, but notice how each sound comes and goes in the presence of silence. Notice how silence is never disturbed by the sound, how silence absorbs each sound effortlessly. Listening to the sound is effort, listening to the silence is effortless…remain here a few more moments then bring your awareness back to the breath and gently open you eyes.

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